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Teaching the Word

Has your child lost his or her way? Most after school programs don’t promote morals that add value to their day-to-day life. At Heritage Church of Christ in Clawson, Michigan, we offer an inviting place for children to learn a path to a virtuous life. Through our activities and teachings, your child can become closer to God.

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Education Service

The education ministry is at the core of life at Heritage Church of Christ. We believe the things we do in all other areas of ministry are done because of Jesus' command in John 15 to be both "faithful and fruitful," which can come only through a knowledge of scripture gained by constant study.

Children's classes, using detailed curriculum written by a group of our own members, start at the beginning of the Bible  and work their way through, providing a foundation of knowledge for our kids to serve them throughout their lives.

Our teen programs are dynamic and engaging, covering relevant topics with the experience of passionate worship. Our adult classes are designed to cover a variety of topics for all levels of spiritual development. We invite you to be here on Sunday mornings to learn and grow together in faithfulness and fruitfulness.

Youth Service

The spiritual youth education ministry’s goal is to bring teenagers to a deeper relationship with and understanding of God, His word, and His direction for their lives. This goal is accomplished through a four-point approach:

Fellowship | Evangelism | Worship  | Bible Teaching | Servitude

These points are designed to draw students to a life where God is at the core of all they do. In a sense, the youth ministry program is like a mini-church in and of itself, but one that can thrive only with the support and participation of our church. We strive to see our young people the way God sees them to help them realize their potential and place in God's story.

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