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A Powerful Team 

Our Ministry is responsible for the communication, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, beautification, and safety of the Heritage Church of Christ in Clawson, Michigan, physical property. This includes general clerical needs and communication outlets, like the bulletin and website, bookkeeping and financial administration. They are in charge of the negotiation of building lease agreements and services, like landscaping and snow removal.

Inreach Services

The inreach team is all about bringing the Heritage Church of Christ family together, whether it's through fun events like Tigers game outings, movie nights, serving our church community through visitation and Sunday morning greeting, or providing behind-the-scenes support for potlucks and other food functions. The purpose of the inreach service focuses on community strengthening, team building, and growing connections among our members.

Upreach Services

The upreach ministry is continually seeking to include fresh, bright, and thought-provoking ideas into our Sunday meetings. Turning worship into a highly anticipated time to celebrate the Lord's many blessings. Our voices burst with gratitude, so that the sound of our praise can be heard in the heavens.

Man Raising His Arms To The Sky

Outreach Services

The purpose of the outreach ministry is to reach out and connect with people who are not a part of our family. Those connections take place in a number of ways such as:

Food Pantry | Acts of Benevolence to Those in Need | Through Visitation of Those Who Have Been Our Guests, or Have Expressed an Interest in Knowing More about Heritage and About God | Cass Park Ministry, Where We Show Christ's Love by the Gift of Hospitality to the Homeless | Evangelism | Sharing the Good News with Those Who Don't Yet Know the Lord | Mission Efforts to Honduras and Other Places at Home and Abroad.