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Heritage Congregation

Welcome to Heritage 

Like most Christian families, our Heritage Church of Christ in Clawson, Michigan, is bonded in Christ's love, understanding, and acceptance. As we have come to know each other better, we've realized Heritage is a special group that God has brought together in his own unique design, and that he continues to refine and mature us as we give our lives over to His control.

We are a family of God's people, unified in Christ and driven by His love. We offer a place of guidance, strength, comfort, and caring for everyone. At Heritage Church of Christ, we are dedicated to loving, respecting, and honoring one another. We are committed to using our God-given individual and collective resources to serving each member of this family’s needs.

Each week we look forward to uniting in worship to praise our God by lifting our voices in acapella and bless each other through prayer. We anticipate "going deeper" into the Bible, God's love letter to us, and support the various ministries of this church.

Teaching God's Way

By preaching God's message, we remember and celebrate the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as we partake in His Communion at each worship service. We believe that our hope lies in Him and are bonded through baptism.

We believe that God opened many doors before the Heritage Church of Christ, and its elders and shepherds, as an exciting opportunity and responsibility to reach out to a world that is hurting and is separated from the one true God.

Through God, our love, respect, and honor will provide an illuminating and inviting example to our community and to the world. With our strong fellowship and activities such as, studies, missionary work, and services to the community, you’ll find there is something for everyone.

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